Eden Pure Heater Reviews

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Eden Pure Heater units are certainly the envy of many people who want clean, powerful, and portable heating units in their home. The Eden Pure Heater is well know for it’s robust design and versatile nature. These are great electric heaters.

Eden Pure GEN3 Model 1000 Quartz

The third generation in Eden Pure Heater technology, this particular unit combines the classic Eden Pure look with front control panel. Lightweight and portable, this is one of the most versatile in the Eden Pure Heater line.

Advantages: The pure quartz infrared heating element means that it puts out soft, even heat for hours on end. This patented design is unmatched in its ability to heat a small to medium size room and the intuitive control panel makes it simple to set the heat levels. This particular unit has no effect on the oxygen levels in the room nor does it reduce the humidity which makes it perfect for heating up a room that otherwise would make conditions difficult. Finally, the safety features of this particular Eden Pure Heater never allow it to get hot enough to start a fire.

Impression: Safety, effectiveness and portability make this the perfect heating unit for the home. For those who are looking for a safe way to effectively heat rooms, this is the one.

You can find this Eden Pure heater here.

Eden Pure US GEN4 Model US 1000 Portable Space/Room Heater

The next generation of heaters from Eden Pure, this remarkable unit has all the advantages of the GEN3 models and adds to it more features and safety functions. This is a step up for Eden Pure Heater units and another great value for consumers.

Advantages: Intuitive front control panel makes this heater easy to start, set and read the electronic gauges. This Edenpure quartz infrared heater never gets too hot and the patented systems of heat exchange have three solid copper heat exchangers for maximum efficiency. Despite the output of heat, this unit does not reduce the humidity levels nor does it consume the oxygen in the room. It is safe, effective and long lasting.

Impression: Basically, this is an improvement on the already remarkable GEN3 edition of heaters from Eden Pure. A safe, intuitive and simple fantastic heating unit for the home, this is the perfect unit for many different heating uses.

This unit can be purchased here.

Eden Pure Signature Elite 1000 Infrared Heater

With its classy, retro wooden facing, this Eden Pure Heater is more than just an effective heating unit for the home as it adds its own brand of style as well. A perfect addition for any room that needs additional heat, this is certainly one of the better models on the market today.

Advantages: Rated at a remarkable 5000 BTUs with 105 CFM airflow, this unit can heat up most rooms and even hallways of the home. The improved cabinet design features the classic Eden Pure front panel controls that are easy to read and use.  Also, the new quiet fan allows this heater to be used at night so that it won’t disturb anyone’s sleep.

Impression: For effectiveness alone, this is one of the better heating units from Eden Pure, but the wonderful outer casing featuring the impression of a wood surface certainly puts this model over the top.

This one can be found here.

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