Guide to Greenhouse Heaters

greenhouse heater reviews

Greenhouse heaters need to be durable, long lasting and generally have an internal thermostat so that they can safely maintain the heat. For millions of gardeners around the world, greenhouse heaters are essential to keeping their plants healthy, alive and protected from the chill of the outside.

Dr. Heater Greenhouse Heater

This small, but powerful unit is designed to keep greenhouses at stable temperatures for long periods of time. The unit itself is portable and comes with a money back guarantee.

Advantages: This unit is fairly powerful compared to many greenhouse electric heaters as it generates 5,120 BTUs that will heat up to 120 square feet of space. The two heat settings can be used to help regulate the temperature and on very warm days there is a fan-only option to keep the air circulating. The 6 foot cord is nice, although an extension can easily be added thanks to the 3 prong NEMA plug.

Impression: For a small portable greenhouse heater, this unit is quite powerful and will heat up many of the smaller greenhouses with little effort. For those who have small greenhouses, this is the heater has that you need.

DeLonghi DCH1030 Safeheat 1500W Basic Ceramic Heater

Beautifully designed, this greenhouse heater uses simple controls, but has a number of different settings that will work for any greenhouse.

Advantages: This particular model of greenhouse heater comes with a safeheat version that can be powered at 1,500 watts and for the hotter days of the summer, a fan-only option as well. This ceramic heater stays cool to the touch with the exception of the grill and has both high and medium heat settings. The built-in thermostat insures that the greenhouse will never drop below the temperature that you set. Plus, there is also an anti-freeze setting as well. If the unit gets tipped over, it will automatically shut off to avoid overheating.

Impression: This greenhouse heater has it all for a very reasonable price. While designed for smaller greenhouses, the versatility is quite remarkable, making this one of the most economical and effective heaters on the market today.

Comfort Zone CZ892 Multi Purpose Heater

Although not strictly designed for greenhouses, this is typical of the types of small greenhouse heaters that would be used for garages, shops and the like. The rugged, durable construction and straightforward control system makes it perfect for use in the greenhouse.

Advantages: Perhaps the greatest advantage of this particular unit is how compact it is for the heat that it can put out. The small size however does not mean that this heater lacks in features. In fact, the adjustable thermostat makes it perfect for smaller greenhouses. Plus, the iron chrome wire heating element does not glow, but it does put out a considerable amount of heat if needed. The handles make it easy to carry and move around.

Impression: For such as small unit, this does put out the heat and is perfect for the smaller greenhouses that need that extra bit of protection from the winter chill.

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